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REVIEW: Say you'll stay by Corinne Michaels


This is Zach and Presley's story.

One word.

It was all he had to do. Instead, he got on that bus and took my heart with him.

 “First love is naïve. I was open and trusting. I didn’t hold back on how much love I gave; he got every ounce inside of me. He took over every nook and cranny.”

That was seventeen years ago.

I moved on. Marriage. Kids. White picket fence. Everything I ever wanted, but my husband betrayed me and I was left once again.

“Choices are something we take for granted until we no longer have any options, and then we want to go back in time. “Hop” 

Alone, penniless, and with two boys, I had no choice but to return to Tennessee. He wasn’t supposed to be there. I should’ve been safe. However, fate has a way of stepping in.

This time around, the tables are turned. It’s my decision. Second chances do exist, but I don’t know if we can repair what’s already been broken . . .

“Sometimes you have to choose whether what you’re wishin’ for is really what you want.”  

What an amazing story!

It's not very often that an author can write a story this strong.

This was an emotional read but worth every tear.

Second chance romance are just it for me.

I love everything about it. Passionate, intense and sweet.

 I can tell you this book exceeded all my expectations.

I love Presley's character but then again I want to smack her.

Separation for 17 years? Really!

But all is good. The author makes me want to scratch my head a lot of times.

Yup, a great deal of angst.

This is definitely a page turner for me, made me cry my eyes out in Chapter 1.

One thing I can say without spilling any spoilers is that this book drags you trough all your emotions. 

What a great read for me..

I want more!!


“Sometimes you have to choose whether what you’re wishin’ for is really what you want.”