June 20, 2016

REVIEW: Ramsay by Mia Sheridan

Lydia De Havilland is shocked when Brogan Ramsay suddenly reappears in her life. Several years before, Brogan was the son of her family's gardener, and the boy she hurt and betrayed. But Brogan is no longer the quiet, sensitive boy she remembers. Now he's a man—gorgeous, powerful . . . and seeking vengeance.


“I wanted her. God, I’d never stopped wanting her. How could I? She had been the only person to ever really see me, I was ready to admit that now. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her until we were both panting with need … I wanted to buy myself inside her and forget where she ended and I began. I was hard and aching with the very thought of it. I clenched my eyes shut. I’d orchestrated my own demise. I was going to go down and go down hard. Again.”  
Brogan Ramsay can't let go of the memory of Lydia tricking him cruelly, leaving his heart shattered and his family penniless. And now he's back to destroy her family the way his was destroyed. There's only one problem . . . the girl who wounded him so badly years ago is now a woman who still has the power to render him breathless.
“You want my truth, Lydia? I’ll give you this one willingly. I want you, too.” He paused, intensity vibrating between us as my pulse jumped and my breath hitched. “I want you so bloody much I feel like I’ll die from it.”  
Ramsay is the story of betrayal and wrath, of the strength of regret and the power of forgiveness. It is the story of the thin veil between love and hate, and how more often than not, when we seek to inflict pain on others, the heart we wound is our own.
“Find me the person who doesn't care a whit what anyone else thinks of them and I'll show ya someone very lonely. The trick, I believe, is to know whose opinion matters and whose doesn't.”  
Let me start with "OH MY GOD!"
I've been waiting for a new Mia Sheridan book as you can see. I'm obsessed with the author and her writing!
It's amazing!
This book started of 7 years ago. Brogan is the son of a gardener while Lydia is a socialite heiress.
Two different worlds collided together by fate but destroyed by lies and manipulation.
This book made me cry, angry, frustrated, happy and in love!
Made my cry because of what Brogan and his family had to endure all those years and what she have to endure in his hands.
Made me angry because of the wrong decisions they make and how he mistreated her.
Made me frustrated because of all the misunderstandings and miscommunications.
Made me happy because she owned up everything and held her high up and let him choke his own words.
and of course, made me fall in love all over again.
well, you just have to read and see.
As the saying goes,
and this book is it!
“It’s always been you, and no one else.”


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